Jen Auger is our Designated Lay Minister for Youth and Young Families, which is a long title that translates to: She gets to play and learn and grow with young people and their families. She has been serving at NUC since the spring of 2018.

Jen loves the passion of the many different people who make up this community,  their diversity, their willingness to lean into change and growth, and the vulnerability of being authentic with one another. 

Connect with Jen about Youth and Young Families activities, Stone Soup Kitchen, Outreach, Movie Nights and NUC Summer Camp. 

Alan Forde is our longstanding Pianist and provides incredible music for us each Sunday. There is some debate over how long he has been with us- some say he started in 1986 and some say 1987. Either way he has been here awhile! 

Alan will tell you that he can’t sing, but he’s been seen singing in a pop up choir or two.  His favourite part of NUC is the people. He loves how gracious and supportive folks are and he never feels taken for granted.

Connect with Alan about music at NUC. He’ll also enjoy a chat about Star Trek or cars.

Jenny Morrison is our Administrative Coordinator, which could alternatively be called “Vice President of Miscellaneous”. She has been a member of Norval United since 2015 and has been working in the office since January 2020. Her favourite thing about NUC is the importance placed on welcoming and caring for young children.  

When not in the office you can find her teaching, playing with her two small kids, reading or watching musicals.

Connect with Jenny about Norval Online, What’s Happening, the NUC Website, renting church space, questions about the church (she can direct you to the right place/person).  

Michael Grove is our Building Custodian and joined the team in the Spring of 2022. He has really appreciated how friendly, kind and approachable the people of NUC have been.

Michael enjoys listening to country music, travelling in the car, working around the house and talking about his two granddaughters. He is also very involved in community sports organizations.

Connect with Michael about the church facilities, for help finding cleaning equipment or cleaning supplies in the building.

Phil Brennan is our Technical Support Coordinator. He works with the technical aspects (audio and video) of the assorted services and events held both in-person and on-line for the NUC community.

Phil has been a member of NUC for about 10 years and joined the staff team in 2021. His favourite thing about NUC is how welcoming the people are to both those who are recognized and those who are new.

Connect with Phil about Online Worship, Joining the tech team or with questions about NUC technologies.

Tom Auger is our Virtual Choir Director. He works with the virtual choir and other musicians who wish to collaborate remotely. If the last name seems familiar, you’re not wrong, his sister is Jen Auger.

Tom has been a part of NUC since March 2020, when we began our virtual ministries. He appreciates the sincerity, lightheartedness and generosity of the NUC community.

Connect with Tom about making music with the Virtual Choir.