Worship Service Times

After two long years we are slowly coming out of the pandemic.  The decision has been made to go to two services on a Sunday morning.  There will be an online service from 9:00-9:45 am and an in-person service from 10:00-11:00 am.  This move will allow us to continue offering an excellent online service for our large online community as well as getting back to an excellent in-person service.  (For more details on what to expect when attending in-person, please click here.)

We continue to have a good attendance at our online services and we have had a number of newcomers to our in-person worship this past two Sundays.  In-person attendance will most likely grow slowly as people get more comfortable being in public settings.

There are sacrifices to be made in both the online and in-person communities but this means those worshiping online will continue to have a worship experience they are used to and we can also create the warm, welcoming, dynamic experience of in-person worship again.  This will necessitate additional work for some of the staff but we will monitor the situation to ensure we have the person-power to make both services work. 

This change will take place on Sunday, March 27th. Please pray for the staff as they pivot again!  We know God will continue to bless us as we step forward, work and worship together.

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