Christmas Hamper Program

Like so many things this year, the Christmas Hamper program will be different. Due to the current restrictions we have been asked for unwrapped gifts shown on the Christmas Hamper list from Links2Care below. All gifts will need to be picked up from your home by Sunday December 6th.

To select your gifts:

  1. Review the list below.
  2. Contact Jenny Morrison (, 905 877 6122) to let her know which gifts you would like to provide.
  3. When the gifts are ready please text 905 866 4769 to arrange for pick up.

Thank you for your generosity,

Norval United Outreach Committee

*text with a line through it indicates someone has committed to purchasing that gift*

#GenderAgePajama SizeGifts
112Child 1Boy13Adult MedPajamas
112Child 2Girl12Youth LargePajamas
112Child 3Boy10Youth LargePajamas
112Child 4Girl7Youth MedPajamas
112Child 5Girl4Children 4TPajamas
112Child 6Girl3Children 3TPajamas
125Child 1Girl13Youth SmallPajamas
143Child 1Boy10Children 14-16Pajamas
143Child 2Boy8Children 10-12Pajamas
143Child 3Girl7Children 7-8Pajamas
146Child 1Boy7Adult MedPajamas
146Child 2Boy9Youth 12Pajamas
146Child 3Girl13Adult XX LargePajamas
146Child 4Girl16Adult XX LargePajamas
243Child 1Boy10Youth MedPajamas
243Child 2Girl12Adult MedPajamas
246Child 1Boy7Children MedPajamas
246Child 2Boy4Children SmallPajamas
247Child 1Girl14Adult MedPajamas
247Child 2Boy11Adult SmallPajamas
247Child 3Girl5Children 6Pajamas
248Child 1Girl18Adult MedPajamas
522SeniorWoman Adult MedPajamas
522SeniorWoman  Warm Socks size 8
522SeniorWoman  Skin Moisturizer
522SeniorWoman  Female Razors
523SeniorWoman Adult MedPajamas
523SeniorWoman  Dove Shampoo
523SeniorWoman  Bubble Bath
523SeniorWoman  Aveeno Body Lotion
523SeniorWoman  Cold Bond Foot Cream
523SeniorWoman  Candies or Chocolates
523SeniorWoman  Shortbread Cookies
525SeniorWoman Adult X-LargePajamas
525SeniorWoman  Shampoo
525SeniorWoman  Deodorant
525SeniorWoman  No Sugar Candies
526SeniorWoman Adult XX-Large (Nightgown)Pajamas
526SeniorWoman  Shampoo & Conditioner
526SeniorWoman  Bodywash
526SeniorWoman  Sweets of any kind
526SeniorWoman  Cookies
529SeniorWoman Adult LargePajamas
529SeniorWoman  Ladies socks size 8
529SeniorWoman  Bath Powder
529SeniorWoman  Tea Towels
531SeniorMan Adult LargePajamas
531SeniorMan  Tupperware for food
531SeniorMan  Bodywash
531SeniorMan  Shampoo
531SeniorMan  Razors
531SeniorMan  Shaving Cream
531SeniorMan  Small dog toys/Soft Treats
531SeniorMan  Cat toys/Treats
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