August 2nd – Mid Week Breath

Welcome to Midweek Breath in the summer. Throughout the summer we are sharing a weekly resource so you can continue to enjoy the blessing of the guided meditations in our Midweek Breath. We get back to our weekly, live Midweek Breath starting on September 13th via Zoom.

Develop Patience and Relieve Anxiety with Nature’s Lessons

A Prayer From John Birch

O God, The warmth of the sun’s embrace, the gentle breeze swept in by incoming tide, the rhythm of seasons of new birth, death and recreation – All these speak so clearly, of your love, your power, and your beauty. These are expressions of your creativity and more importantly of yourself.

As an artist might share their personality, within each brushstroke so within the myriad colours of a butterfly’s wing you share the exuberance of your love. That we can glimpse you within creation is a beautiful thought but also tells us that you desire to be seen, to be found and known.

Open our eyes, God, as we walk through this world, feel the wind and sunshine, see the majesty of creation unfolding before our eyes, help us to see you Amen.

Guided Meditation


May the joy of soaring birds be yours.
May the peace of star-filled nights be yours.
May the hope of sprouting seeds be yours.
May the strength of flowing rivers be yours.
May God’s love for all creation be yours.
This day and always.

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