August 23rd – Mid Week Breath

Welcome to Midweek Breath in the summer. Throughout the summer we are sharing a weekly resource so you can continue to enjoy the blessing of the guided meditations in our Midweek Breath. We get back to our weekly, live Midweek Breath starting on September 13th via Zoom.

Cultivate Inner Peace

A Prayer

In the stillness, in the silence, we attend to your presence, O God.
And we feel you filling us from within
illuminating our minds
warming our hearts
stirring our spirits
strengthening our hands outstretched
transforming our lives
energizing our lives

Until every fibre of our being is filled with your presence and we leap up crying,

We thank you, God of all life!
We thank you, who rejoices with us
We thank you, who attends to the cry of the poor
We thank you, who offers hope in these hard times
Blessed are you, O God
your name is love
your presence is light
your heart is justice
your gift is grace
your life is hope

We weave a silence onto our lips
We weave a silence into our minds
We weave a silence within our hearts
We close our ears to distractions
We close our eyes to attractions
We close our hearts to temptations

Calm us, O God,
Still us, O God
Let all tumult within us cease
Enfold us, O God, in your peace.


Guided Meditation


O God, Send us into the world’s turbulence as instruments of Your peace, and send us as agents of Your justice, that all might know the truth of Your ways.

Send us as artists who bear the joyful burden of Your creativity, that we might bring light into the darkness, and hope among the despairing.

And grant us the joy of fellowship, with Your Spirit and with one another, this day and always.


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