Sunday March 10th we invite you to celebrate P.I.E. Day, where we proudly declare our support for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Join us for pie, laughter, and a spectrum of colourful festivities. Please wear your AMT t-shirt if you wish! We are excited to welcome guest speaker, Jayden Escalante-Jones who will share in worship with us that morning.

Jayden (they/them or he/him) found a church home in The United Church of Canada after a long period of spiritual searching. They are a Candidate for Ordained Ministry and one of the students Rev. Heather has had the great honour of walking with on their ministry path. They are in the process of completing a Master of Divinity and Master of Pastoral Studies in Emmanuel College’s conjoint program.
Jayden is a husband, a storyteller and poet with a love for imaginative stories. Though raised Roman Catholic, Jayden learned of other Christian denominations including Pentecostal, Moravian and Anglican, through their family of origin. His experiences with Black expressions of Christianity led Jayden to learn there were many ways of encountering and understanding God from our own perspectives. As such Jayden always locates their experiences with God in the intersections of his multi-faceted identity which includes being Black, Trans and Queer.
Jayden enjoys meeting God in nature, in stillness, in spaces where people are encouraged to bring their entire selves and in the simple blessings of everyday life with their small family.

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