We started in Lent of 2021 with a short-term idea — what if we came together for 30 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks, to give people a space of quiet and calm? What if we found a way to fill all of our hearts with God’s peace on a Wednesday evening – helping us settle and sleep, and renewing us again until Sunday?

We loved it. And so did those who joined us. And it’s still going strong!

For the Month of August, we are taking a “breath” from our weekly mid week gatherings. We will be posting links so you can continue to enjoy the blessing of the guided meditations in our Midweek Breath. We get back to our weekly, live Midweek Breath starting on September 14th via Zoom.

Weekly Resources can be found on here.

Anyone may join us any Wednesday, no previous experience necessary. Simply email office@norvalunited.ca to receive the recurring Zoom link.