Exciting News

Jenny Morrison, Norval’s Office Administrator, will be going on Maternity Leave in early February. We join Jenny, Matt and Lily in anticipating the arrival of this new life. We will definitely miss Jenny’s presence in the office for the next year but we are excited to announce that we have a couple of people joining us for the period of the Maternity Leave.

Jen Stinson will be joining us part-time to take on Jenny’s office duties and Phil Brennan is coming on board part-time to handle the technical side of Jenny’s work. That technical work has grown significantly with the development of our online ministry.

Jen Stinson
Phil Brennan

We have many questions to consider as we look to getting back to in-person worship someday, a day that seems further and further away. The Worship Team, the Executive and the Elders are all giving thought to how Sunday worship will look when we can meet again. We long to get back to meeting face-to-face but we can’t give up our online ministry which allows us to connect with people in ways we had never thought possible. 

Welcome Jen and Phil in these interesting times! (And, in case you are wondering, it was not a requirement that Jenny’s replacement was named Jen, although Jen Auger thought it was nice. Not to mention Jennine Ditz, Jennifer Barnett and on and on with the Jens.)

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