Summer Camp Update

It has been a long few weeks as we have waited for clarity and direction on how to proceed with our summer camp this summer. We thank you for your patience and ongoing support! I have been working with a great team of advisers to work our way through best practices, and we are now ready to share our current plans, recognizing that the situation remains fluid and we might need to pivot again.

Based on a tentative nod from Public Health that day camps may be allowed to proceed in July and August, we have been busy re-imagining how we could run our program in person while minimizing risk to campers, volunteers and staff. We want to share some of the changes that we plan to implement for this summer:

  1. We will be running our camp at half capacity this summer. This will mean only accepting between 25-27 students per week.
  2. We will run our program exclusively outside, except for eating and bathrooms (we have plans in place for weather concerns)
  3. Campers will be put into small groups of no more than 5 with 1 leader. These groups will remain the same all week, minimizing contact with different people.
  4. All activities and camp set up will be designed with physical distancing in mind.
  5. Staff/Volunteers will be asked to wear face masks on site (we welcome donations of face masks)
  6. All staff, volunteers and camper’s families will be required to complete a self-screening assessment every night before attending our program. This will be provided via email and can be completed online.

Finally, if Public Health decide that Day Camps should no longer proceed, our contingency plan will be to provide engaging programming online, including activities, resource packs, and opportunities to dance and play together!

We understand that these adaptations might not suit all families. If you are already registered but you feel that it is not in your child’s best interest to participate in this program, please contact at your earliest for a full refund. Similarly, if you have a youth/are a youth who was planning to attend this summer as a volunteer but do not feel that you would like to proceed, please contact the same email to let me know.

I welcome any questions you might have. Please feel free to reach out to me personally ( if you have any concerns or would like more detailed information about the adaptations we will be implementing this summer.

Again, we so appreciate the amazing community around this camp program and thank you deeply for your support. I am so looking forward to welcoming back our Leadership Team from last summer and to connecting again with our campers and volunteers. It will be different, but I have such confidence in the spirit of our community that I have no doubt the summer will bring fun and laughter and connection.

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