Introducing the 2Dream Team!

Norval United Church (NUC) is once again dreaming about our future. We are picking back up the planning which began with a Visionary Team back In 2011. That team produced our current Strategic Framework and issued an update in 2013 for NUC. This strategic framework, combined with our Governance Model, have been our guide to NUC for our planning, dreaming, and decision making.

As a congregation we have much to consider.

We have not been in our new building very long, but hopefully that will change soon. It’s time to revisit the Strategic Framework to help us decide the direction of who we are called to be; as a congregation, as community partners, and as followers of Christ.

Earlier this year a team of six people formed the 2Dream Team to devise a process to help us, as a congregation, discover who we want to be, what direction the church is moving towards, and our staffing needs as we move forward.

We will be looking for your input!

There will be surveys, workshops, one on one phone calls and small group meetings taking place over the next year to gather information from you regarding the purpose, vision and dreams of the congregation. This will also help us to understand the challenges facing NUC and clarify the vision and discernment process that NUC is undertaking. We have engaged Credence & Co. to help guide us through this process. Credence & Co. came highly recommended by Bill Lord. Many of you may know Bill, he is a great supporter of NUC and we value his opinions and suggestions.

The 2Dream Team are only facilitators, and will be communicating with you on a regular basis.

We hope that by using the feedback gathered from you NUC will continue to grow as a thriving congregation; one that engages all, while supporting our neighbours and community partners.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to speak to anyone on the team. You can reach us at

Heather Fraser (chair), Jennine Ditz, Elaine VanDoorn, David Develter, Ed Markowitz, Helga Kennedy

To be a caring, forgiving Christian community that welcomes all people to join us on life’s journey in finding God, growing spiritually, sharing our faith and reaching out to serve others.

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