Fun for a Cause: Mario Kart Tournament

We had a great Fun For a Cause Day here at Norval for youth from the region, where we welcomed youth from 4 different church communities who all came together to make a difference while having some fun.

A special thank you to our guests Jennine and John Ditz from I Have Resolve who came to tell the participants about the great work of the I Have Resolve Foundation.

Jennine and John also came with an extra challenge to the youth: Find a way to share $250 for Pay It Forward! The parameters were that they had to 1) share the money in a way that made a personal impact on someone, and 2) support the mission of I Have Resolve to create opportunities for inclusion in our community. The group decided to split the amount into $10 gift cards and each took one away to give to a classmate who they think could use an extra boost this week. We look forward to hearing the stories of how this goes!

In the meantime, we celebrate that these youth spent a great morning together having fun, making new connections across different church communities, and collecting over $100 that they will donate back to the great work of I Have Resolve. We hope that this will be the first of many Fun For a Cause days here.

Thank you to all who loaned us there Wii Consoles for the day, helped organize the tournament, monitored each round of the tournament, and helped feed the crowd. It takes a village, and we were a wonderful bustling village today!

Wish you hadn’t missed out? There is another Fun For a Cause: Mario Kart Tournament coming up in Sarnia on May 27th contact Pat Morrison at

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